8F 45170

The 45170 Appeal – ‘Preserving Scotlands 8F’

In just over 2 Years the appeal has raised over £116,000. A truly remarkable achievement! To complete the purchase inclusive of the transportation costs, spare parts and interest on the outstanding balance we now only require to raise £5,500. The locomotive purchase has been entirely funded by public donation and to enable its restoration we need more Covenantors to make a regular monthly commitment to securing the locomotive at Bo’ness and building a fund for its restoration.

It’s an 8F for less than the price of a pint per week  – and less than a pint in some of the trendier parts of Edinburgh or Glasgow.

So if you can help please DONATE ON LINE HERE or become a covenator by completing and posting our COVENANTOR FORM.

For further information about the appeal, please visit our 8F Appeals Page.


About our Stanier 8F

For further information about our 8F, please visit the 8F home page, with information, facts, figures and photos of her life.