No. 673 (65243) “Maude”

North British Railway 0-6-0 No. 673 (65243) “Maude”

Built by Neilson & Co, Hyde Park Works, Glasgow in 1891. (Works No. 4392).

Designed by Mathew Holmes in 1888, based on an earlier Drummond Patent, for general freight duties. Rebuilt in 1915 by W.P.Reid, Holmes successor, with a slightly larger boiler and sent to France for the war effort. Named after Lieutenant-General Maude on return in 1919. After the grouping into the LNER Maude became No. 9673 and in 1946 was renumbered 5243 and under BR became 65243. Maude worked on freight duties until 1966 when withdrawn. Following an appeal by the SRPS the loco was saved and restored in 3 years and repainted in the goods livery of the NBR

“Maude” en-route to Manchester taking water at Garsdale in 1980.
Photo by Geoff Cryer

The Engine is now on display in the Museum at Bo’ness and has been cosmetically restored (repainted) while it waits in the overhaul queue. It is planned that subject to funds being available it will be given a major overhaul as soon as possible. One of the major and expensive items likely to need replacement is the cylinder & valve block. It will also need new tyres, axle bearings, springs, as well as a new steam/vacuum brake valve. The boiler is in good condition and should only require a re-tube.


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