Denis & Ranald

Built by Sentinel in 1957/8 (Works No.9627 & 9631).

Vertical boiler, vertical cylinders and geared drive. Acquired from R.B. Tennant, Whifflet, Coatbridge. Privately owned.

Denis is in the final stages of its major overhaul although no work has been progressed for many Years. Only requiring leaks to be resolved and steam test. Ranald has been partially restored apart from its boiler and cab fittings etc. Due to demand in other areas, work on these locomotives has come to a stop at present. Another sister locomotive ‘John’ has been acquired and is in derelict and un-restored condition.

“Denis” working at Tennants in June 1976 (Photo by Tom Henderson)
Sister loco “Robin” working at Tennants in June 1976 (Photo by Tom Henderson)