Latest news 07/04/2017

 8F Open day 

The open day was a success with reasonable crowds out and a fair bit of cash raised! Some new covenantors as well!


No.19:  In service

No.7 (68007): In Service

No.1 : Main area of activity at this time! Need to have it in steam in 3 weeks time! The tanks have been fitted and the RH tank has been connected to its water valve. Next task is all the pipework and cab fittings etc.

No.246 Morayshire : Work is progressing on the boiler and the driving axle boxes and horn guides. It is hoped that the drivers will be refitted by the end of this Month. The front bogie tyres are being turned while still in the bogie and the bogie is due to be returned for stripping down shortly.

No.419 : (No significant progress here as all effort has been on No.1) Three of the eccentric straps are ready to fit with one still to be machined.  LH big end bearing fitted and final machining of RH bearing is in progress. New smoke box wrapper being arranged. Once machining of the eccentric straps is complete new piston rings will be made. Extensive repairs to the ash pan have been carried out and is nearing completion. Gloss painting of the cab and bunker is now in progress and it is going to look so smart!

No.6 :Reassembled after its interim boiler inspection. Requires new mud hole doors and some new wash out plugs. Will be back in service in good time for the first Thomas event.

No. 45170 (8F): The tender frames are about as far on as they can be taken until we can get it dismantled. Attention has now turned back to the RH drivers and a through job of cleaning and priming is under way.

No. 80105 : The wheel sets have been  trucked down to Reileys but a de-lamination was discovered so a new tyre is required. Good progress is being made with the piston valves refitted. The boiler is now ready for the NDT inspection which is due shortly. The bunker is in the process of  new plate being welded back in.

DE165:  It just keeps on working!


Water column: The main water column isolation valve requires its stem seals repacking.

Coaling stage access ramp: The new access ramp is now structurally complete and in use. A section of flat bottomed rail has been put in place on the coal stage but still requires to be anchored. Still some tiding up to do on the coal stage and access road.

Workshop Volunteers:

A small but dynamic team on Monday afternoons. Monday evenings have seen a marked improvement with some new faces. Wednesday and Saturdays are generally well attended with a good mix of skill sets. Always looking for new faces!