Loco News – January 2017

Its been a while since the last update but moving forward hope to do more regular updates! Its been a particularly busy time with the unexpected tube plate failure and repair on No.7  and the kitting out of the running shed workshop.


No.19: In service and running well until we had a tube failure on the morning of the first Black bun service. The tube has been replaced and the new spark arrester fitted. Winter maintenance in progress and the locomotive will be ready for the start of the running season

No.7 (68007): In service. Currently with limited steam heating capability due to a faulty regulating valve. New valve is now in stock and due to be fitted. New Piston rod packing has been made and fitted but will need new valve spindle seals to be made and fitted before the start of the running season. Another task being undertaken is the removal of the additional coal rails on the bunker and internal bunker baffle plates.

No.1 : The boiler has been hydraulic and steam tested.  The new smoke box is also made but will be finally secured to the boiler once in the frames. A new chimney has been cast at a local foundry and is ready to fit. We have had to have a new chimney made as the original was found to be very badly cracked and wasted. No suitable existing pattern could be located so a new pattern has been commissioned.   Tanks and cab are now painted and ready to fit with safety glass now fitted to replace the previous perspex. With the steam test completed the boiler is expected to be delivered back to Bo’ness in the next week or so.

No.246 Morayshire : The Locomotive is now fully dismantled at The Llangollen Railway workshops. Initial inspections have not shown any unexpected issues.  Non-destructive testing (NDT) of boiler has been completed with no unexpected issues found. We are still awaiting the boiler inspectors formal report but the boiler is in better condition than we anticipated. The scope of works for the mechanical works required has been agreed  with the works now progressing.

No.419 : Good progress on the motion with the eccentrics sheaves now machined and fitted, and the straps are in the process of being white metalled. New small end bushes have now been made and new big end brasses are now in the process of being machined. New smoke box wrapper being arranged. Once machining of the eccentric straps is complete new piston rings will be made.

No.6 Reassembled after its interim boiler inspection. Requires new mud hole doors and some new wash out plugs. Will be back in service in good time for the first Thomas event.

No. 45170 (8F) Progress on the tender frames continues. Under all the grime the steel is just like new!

DE165 A life expired coolant hose has been replaced and the system topped up with antifreeze ready for the winter.


The new (to us) Colchester Mascot Lathe with taper turning, and Kerney and Trecker Universal milling machine have been installed and are working very well. The old wooden work bench has been relocated to the south side of the shed to provide a suitable dirty work area and a new strong steel bench made for the workshop. The electrical installation of the storage container and oil store is now complete. A small radial arm drill has been acquired and will be installed shortly.

Water column: New hose bag has been ordered and should be fitted shortly.

Coaling stage access ramp: The old wood store has been demolished and a new access ramp is in the process of being created to allow safer and shorter route for the teletruk to coal locos. A section of flat bottomed rail has been put in place on the coal stage edge to create a safety barrier for the truck.

Workshop Volunteers:

A small but dynamic team on Monday afternoons. Monday evenings are now very poor primarily due to illness and age among a lot of the original regulars. Wednesday and Saturdays are generally well attended with a good mix of skill sets.