Steam Shed Update 03-02-19

No.19:  Winterised with some general maintenance being carried out to be ready for the start of the running season.  

No.7 (68007): All cab and back head fittings removed. Cab and tank ready to be lifted, Boiler tubes are all cut ready to be removed and all smoke box pipework removed. Once we lift the tank the boiler cladding is to be removed and the boiler is ready to come out.

No.1 : Winterised. The ash pan is going to be extended to behind the rear axle to allow better access for cleaning etc. Currently being repainted and the lining altered to meet the requirements for it’s Thomas role.

No.246 Morayshire : The boiler is now fully tubed and all the crown stays work is complete. The back head patches are now finished as is the copper welding around the fire hole door. Work is now progressing on the new smoke box.  The piston bump clearances require the Axle boxes shims to be adjusted and this is progressing at this time.

No.419 : In Service. Running very well. Due to star at the Churnet Valley Railway’s Gala  on the 23rd & 24th February

No.6 : Winterised with some general maintenance being carried out

No. 45170 (8F): The tender frames have now been fully stripped with all being needle gunned and primed. The damaged front drag box has been repaired and damaged sections of the inner frames at the drag box are ready to be repaired with new sections of plate which have been cut ready to fit.  The brake lay shaft has been overhauled and fitted with new bearings and is all painted ready to fit. The brake cylinder was found to be in as new condition as had been converted to air braking in Turkey. A new piston head will have to be made for steam. New studs have been made and fitted for all the axle spring safety brackets. All springs will are currently being overhauled. Next jobs are to rivet the drag box to the frames and fit the axle boxes to the horn guides. The new smoke box door has arrived!

No.3 Lady Victoria: Loco now fully painted and in the process of lining out. Now starting to look really good!

No. 80105 : Now fully wheeled work is progressing in fitting all the pipe work and brake rigging. New stays have been made for the new pistons which have also been machined.

DE165:   It just keeps on going! But we need to sort the excessive side rod clearances and the compressors need some TLC and the donkey engine needs a water leak fixed. It just needs a bit of TLC!


New LED Flood lamps are being fitted at either end of the Running shed and at the Romney shed as well as the path between. The lighting in the Running shed workshop are also being upgraded to LED Flood lamps. We have been donated two really useful milling machines which have been temporarily stored in the museum until the new workshop has been built.

Workshop Volunteers:

Good numbers of folk coming out and the banter of late has been really good! Always looking for new faces!