Steam shed update 29-01-2017

First of the more regular updates!  We have a very busy time ahead with only 8 weeks to go before the running season starts! There is a fair bit of shunting to do in the shed to facilitate the arrival of No.1s boiler etc. The Museum is also being shunted about to maximise the use of all available space. One of the things we have to do is remove all the cylinder heads and engine parts stored on the Fair Maid wagon together with the remainder of the parts located in the running shed and place them in the cab of the 165 in the Romney shed.


No.19: Winter maintenance in progress with all the trimmings checked. Machining of the new blowdown valve is in progress and the locomotive will be ready for the start of the running season

No.7 (68007): Winter maintenance in progress with all the trimmings checked. New steam heating regulating valve is now in stock and due to be fitted.  New valve spindle seals to be made and fitted before the start of the running season. Another task being undertaken is the removal of the additional coal rails on the bunker and internal bunker baffle plates. The main regulator valve casting is in stock and is due to be machined. The existing valve is badly worn and below scrapping size.

No.1 : The boiler has been hydraulic and steam tested but delivery delayed while they attended to a few small niggles. All sorted now!  The new smoke box is also made but will be finally secured to the boiler once in the frames.  With the steam test completed the boiler is expected to be delivered back to Bo’ness later this week. The plan is to have the ash pan modified and the boiler lifted in to the frames as soon as we can at the start of the following week. Once the boiler is in the frames there is so much work to do!

No.246 Morayshire : Good progress is being made on the boiler works with the foundation ring removed. All the rivets are to be replaced due to wastage of the heads copper side. The front bogie is due to be shipped out complete to have its tyres turned prior to dismantling and renewing of the thrust faces on the axle boxes.

No.419 : Good progress on the motion with the eccentric straps in the process of being white metalled and machined to suit the sheeves.  New smoke box wrapper being arranged. Once machining of the eccentric straps is complete new piston rings will be made.

No.6 :Reassembled after its interim boiler inspection. Requires new mud hole doors and some new wash out plugs. Will be back in service in good time for the first Thomas event.

No. 45170 (8F): The tender frames are about as far on as they can be taken until we can get it dismantled. Attention has now turned back to the RH drivers and a through job of cleaning and priming is under way.

No. 80105 : The planned operation to have the tyres turned at Whitehead didn’t happen due to issues with the transport. The wheel sets are now due to be trucked down to Reileys in the next week or so with a very prompt return. Good progress is being made on cleaning and fitting all the lubrication pipework and the frames are in the process of being repainted. The boiler is being prepared for the NDT inspection and is hoped to be ready in the next few weeks. The bunker has had all the waste plate cut out and new plate is in the process of being welded back in.

DE165:  It just keeps on working!


A small radial arm drill has been acquired and will be delivered towards the end of this week.

Water column: New hose bag is now in stock and will be fitted shortly. The main water column isolation valve requires its stem seals repacking.

Coaling stage access ramp: The new access ramp is now taking shape. A section of flat bottomed rail has been put in place on the coal stage but still requires to be anchored.

Workshop Volunteers:

A small but dynamic team on Monday afternoons. Monday evenings are now very poor primarily due to illness and age among a lot of the original regulars. Wednesday and Saturdays are generally well attended with a good mix of skill sets.