There are items of equipment and parts that we are seeking (preferably by donation!)

  • Any machine tooling, drills, reamers, taps and dies, replaceable tip milling cutters and lathe tools, machine vices, rotating heads and such like.
  • Heavy duty large hydraulic press (60T or larger)
  • Whitworth nuts & bolts all sizes, washers, cotter pins etc, rivets all types
  • Steel bar (round or hex any size) preferably with specification
  • Ferrous and nonferrous pipe and fittings all sizes.
  • Hand tools of all types including boilermakers tools
  • Inspection and measurement equipment.
  • Urgently needed! Rags, Cotton sheets, T shirts, sweat shirts, old towels, etc.


Does anybody have photos of 419 in Caly or LMS days? I would like to have any photos of the engines now based at Bo’ness taken during their working lives prior to preservation for this site. Any photo will be scanned/copied and returned ASAP.