Appeal – ‘Preserving WD 554’ “Sir William McAlpine”

The appeal has successfully raised over £250,000. securing the locomotive and making significant progress in its restoration  The locomotive purchase has been entirely funded by public donation and to enable its restoration we need more Covenantors to make a regular monthly commitment to raise funds . We realistically need about another £120,000 to restore her to working condition. The locomotive was built in Springburn, Glasgow at the North British Locomotive Co In 1942. She is in remarkable condition but will need a lot of effort and money to have her steaming again. We need your help!

So if you can help please become a covenator by completing and posting our COVENANTOR FORM.

For further information about the appeal, please visit our WD 554 Appeals Page.


About our WD 554 Sir William McAlpine

For further information about our 8F, please visit the WD 554 home page, with information, facts, figures and photos of her life.