Steam shed update August 2018


No.19:  In service and running well.  

No.7 (68007): In Service and running well although it still urgently needs a new spark arrestor made. The new one will be based on the design fitted to No.19 which works very well. 

No.1 : In service and running well although we will need to look at improving the draft to make it a more reliable steamer. 

No.246 Morayshire : The repairs to the boiler are all but complete with tubing now in progress.  Work on the frames and tender are complete and ready for the boiler to be fitted.

No.419 : Mechanically complete. Gloss painting and lining is progressing well and nearing completion.  Getting very close to a steam test!   Work on this locomotive is now the main priority of our efforts in the running shed.

Robin sign writing, Rod lining and fitting makers plates. Photos by Jim Orbiston

No.6 : Temporarily out of service. 

No. 45170 (8F): The tender tank has been lifted and the wheel sets cleaned prior to be sent for new tyres.     

No.3 Lady Victoria: Cosmetic restoration going well with the new tool boxes and lower cab and bunker being replaced together with a new cab floor. The whole loco has new been descaled, primed and is in undercoat.

No. 80105 : The pony truck and bogie have been assembled and placed in position ready for the lift to refit the driving wheel sets. Work is just about complete on the huge task of making and fitting of firebox stay nuts.  Next job after the lift will be repairs to the smoke box and a new door. It will be good to see her back on her wheels!

DE165:   It just keeps on going!



Workshop Volunteers:

A bit mixed of late! Monday afternoons of late have been very quiet recently. Monday evenings have also been very quiet with some of the regulars having lots of holidays! Wednesday and Saturdays are generally well attended with a good mix of skill sets. Always looking for new faces!